製作中的面板 / The template I'm making


These two days I've been making this template, so I didn't write anything at all. I've finished the structure, probably. Now I have to learn css for it. :P


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重排欄位 + 新RSS / Rearrange sidebar + New RSS

最近加入了好幾個網賺計畫,再加上之前的網寵還有基本功能,側欄變得有些亂,雖然我已經重排過了,不過也是沒好多少,東西一多尺寸就沒有標準了,看起來就會很混亂。:( 我再來想想看要怎麼整理才能清爽一點好了。

I've joined a few money making programs lately. Ads, blog pets, plus basic blog functions, my sidebars are getting messier. Although I've tried to reorder them, it doesn't seem to improve at all. The more things you have, the more different sizes they are, and it gets messy anyway. :( I'll have to think how to solve this problem.


By the way, I joined FeedBurner few days ago. The site provides a great amount of RSS tools. Actually, I just think the FeedCount is cool. haha. Alright, alright, I know nobody subscribe my RSS at all. I just want to have it ready before needed. JUST IN CASE. Besides, its counter is another cool thing there. It has a unique size, 88x26. What the heck is that? That's different from all standard sizes of icons and stickers. It's really a challenge to decide where to place it. At last I start a new line for it in my 88x15 stickers' column. :P

雖然FeedBurner的RSS計數器已經兼有訂閲功能了,不過它的訂閲面看起來就有點複雜,所以我也把FC2原來的RSS也放上來,「萬一」有人想訂的時候就可以選自己方便的用。XD 其實有部份只是我自己想畫貼紙啦,哈哈,最近有點迷上88x15的貼紙了,因為我是美術白痴,這麼小的東西剛好符合我的程度,所以毎次我都玩得很高興。XD 貼紙如下,跟其他貼紙一起放在左邊的貼紙欄。想訂RSS的,可以的話就用FeedBurner的吧,這樣我才知道有人訂。:D

FeedBruner's FeedCount already does as regular feed. However, it's subscribing page seems a little complicated, so I also keep the original FC2 feed, "in case" someone wants to subscribe, and he/she can choose the convenient way. XD Actually part of it is just because I want to draw a new sticker. Well, I'm totally not an art person, and my drawing sucks. However, 88x15 is small enough for me to handle it, so I have fun whenever I play with it. :D The new sticker is shown as above. I put it with my other stickers in the sidebar. If you want to subscribe my RSS, please use FeedBurner's feed if possible, so that I can know someone wants to read what I write. ;)
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